C 3 : Awareness to Action

5 jours

Donné par nos partenaires américains Mario Sikora (USA) et Maria Jose Munita (Chili), tous deux ex-présidents de l’International Enneagram Association, en anglais.

It’s one thing to know who we are, it’s another to know how to change. Using the Enneagram to create deep and lasting change in yourself or your clients is the focus of this two-day program. This highly interactive program is ideal for coaches, consultants, therapists, and human-resource or organizational-development professionals, and also for anyone who uses the Enneagram for their own growth and development.

The program begins with an overview of the nine Ennea-types viewed as adaptive strategies—habitual patterns of emotion, thought, and behavior that shape how we solve the problems life brings our way.

These strategies create non-conscious resistance to change, held in place by the mind’s natural tendency to create narratives that become reinforced through the workings of our personality.

Participants will learn the Awareness to Action Process, a powerful and simple, three-step process for examining our assumptions and rewiring those habitual narrative patterns in a way that allows change to take root. Exercises will help participants understand how to apply this process for all Nine Ennea-types, equipping them with an understanding of how to get out of many behavioral traps each of the types frequently fall into.

For more about the Awareness to Action Process, watch Mario’s video at: https://youtu.be/ruivZNwrTf4

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