Type 6

For me, what is important in relationships is honesty and trust. I distinguish between friends, workmates, pals and acquaintances. Everything depends on the level of trust. I always assess the degree of trust.

Tension between Trust and Distrust is central to the Type 6 person. With this person doubt and questioning are second nature. He therefore continually anticipates what will happen to best prepare himself for it.

I need to be reassured. I am extremely vigilant, it's as if I have a sixth sense for predicting what will happen.

I watch to see if there are is any one whom I can’t trust. People who could be false, liars, manipulators.

Type 6’s first impulse is to retreat and withdraw so that he can sound out other people's true intentions. Isn’t it dangerous to trust someone else? Is this person worthy of trust? Isn’t he just a smooth talker? Type 6 therefore has a great need for clarity and security.

What do I expect from a director? That he should reassures me, look at me, listen to me, push me. I like things to be clear and well defined, I like people to tell me how things stand. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time achieving a result which is no different. Vanessa Paradis

If I think too much, one possibility is that I start to be afraid. Everything in my life revolves around the issue of trust. Trust in relation to the outside world and trust in relation to myself. When trust is there, I am better able to accept things as they are.

When he feels secure in a clear, structured environment, Type 6 is then ready to trust others and stop running through disaster scenarios in his mind.

I am very distrustful. It’s not a distrust that stops me doing things, approaching people. Sophie Marceau

When I trust someone, I stop imagining outcomes. I am ready to go with that person to the end of the world.

For Type 6 the notion of trust tends to operate in an all or nothing mode. It’s difficult to tolerate a degree of ambivalence.

I had to learn to tell myself that trust is never total. That it’s possible to trust someone in certain things but not others. That appears simple to do but for me it’s very complicated.

For Type 6, reliability, truth and loyalty are sacred, irrefutable values.

It’s so appealing and sweet to give in to vanity. Being famous, you are immediately recognised everywhere you go. I’m lucky, I’m not going to complain about it. But it’s also a risk. Very quickly, you need to learn the reflex to say to yourself: "Watch out. People recognise you, but you, you know very well that you’re not a star. The important, essential thing is not trying to resemble a public image but attempting to resemble the person you really are. Michel Boujenah